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$3,000 New Year's Day Bingo

Happy New Year

Start the New Year with incredible bingo fun and excitement as we welcome in 2016 playing for fantastic cash prizes in our $3,000 New Year's Day Bingo games. These exciting New Year's Day bingo games will play on our Happy new Year bingo pattern for incredible cash prizes in the New Year's Bingo room from 9:00PM EDT on Friday January 1st.

Each one of our New Year's Day Bingo games will play as a top of the hour game with an incredible guaranteed cash prize of $1,000 every game. With a card cost of just $2.50 and fantastic guaranteed cash prizes to be won each game, there's no better way to start the New Year than with our $3,000 New Year's Day Bingo.

Start the New Year as a winner by pre ordering your cards for our $3,000 New Year's Day Bingo games in advance. You can pre order cards from your Pc, tablet or mobile device to win $1,000 in cash each game.