Crazy Oktoberfest Bingo Games

Oktoberfest Fun

October is time for incredible Bingo fun as we celebrate Oktoberfest on Sunday, October 4 EDT. This larger than life celebration is enjoyed all over the world, bringing millions of people together every year. Join in the Oktoberfest celebrations with us in the Halloween Bingo room as we play our Crazy Oktoberfest Bingo Games with fantastic cash prizes to be won.

The Crazy Oktoberfest fun starts at 9:00PM EDT on Sunday, October 4 EDT as we play two (2) hours filled with crazy Bingo fun and excitement with fantastic cash prizes up to $150 to be won every game. So look out for our fun Oktoberfest bingo patterns and enjoy some pretzels, Bratwursts and Beer as we play for crazy cash prizes.

Crazy Oktoberfest Patterns

Crazy Bingo

Each game plays for a cash prize pot between $15.00 and $150 with the prize randomly changing with each call, giving you fantastic cash prizes of up to $150 to be won for a card cost of just $0.50 a card every game in our Crazy Oktoberfest Bingo Games.

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