35 for Five

$35.00 in Prizes

We're bringing you the best in low cost B90 bingo fun with our incredible 35 for Five games on Friday April 17th. Each one of these fantastic bingo games offers guaranteed cash prizes totaling $35.00 for just $0.05 a ticket. That's incredible cash prizes to be won every game as we play our 35 for Five bingo games.

The Bingo fun and excitement can be found in the Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 room from 5:00PM EDT, so join us as we play these great low cost Bingo games. Each game will offer guaranteed cash prizes of $2.00 for the 1st part, $3.00 for the second part and a fantastic $30.00 for the third and final part for just $0.05 a ticket. There's a full hour of 35 for Five games playing back to back, bringing you great low cost bingo fun with guaranteed cash prizes to be won every game.

Free Tickets

There are even more chances to win with our incredible Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all of these great 35 for Five games. Simply select 9 tickets of your choosing and you will only be charged for 6. That's fantastic free chances to win every game.