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Thanksgiving Bingo

Join us for Thanksgiving bingo fun this thanksgiving as we play for incredible cash prizes every game in our Turkey Supreme Bingo games.

Everyone loves some extra turkey fun at Thanksgiving and this year we have an evening filled with Turkey bingo fun on Friday, November 27 CET in the autumn bingo room. These supreme bingo games will start at 12:00AM CEST and play as Top of the Hour games, bringing you fantastic Thanksgiving cash prizes of up to €300 to be won every game. That's up to €1,800 in cash prizes up for grabs as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Our fun filled Turkey Supreme Bingo games start out with a guaranteed cash prize of €90 and after the 25th ball is called they start to grow with every further ball called, all the way up to a fantastic €300 in cash!

With a card cost of just €0.90 a card and up to €300 to be won in each of our Turkey Supreme Bingo games, why not pre order your cards today from your pc, tablet or mobile device and enjoy some extra turkey bingo fun and excitement this Thanksgiving.