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Fairness Statement

The CyberBingo software and the system have been designed to be 100% fair to all players and we continue to work with our developers to reinforce the product's reliability based on technical issues that have arisen due to the various factors associated with the Internet.

Although there are times when the Internet runs smoothly and network traffic arrives at its destination on time, there are several factors that can prevent data from arriving. Over the years, we have addressed and solved thousands of player reported help tickets which have been caused by:

  1. Dropped connections - This can occur when a player's connection to their ISP times out. Sometimes, ISP's have network problems that inhibit or prevent network traffic from reaching their destinations.

  2. System Hang-ups - Occurs when the program encounters a situation that prevents it from working or is terminated abnormally by the operating system. This can happen with any software program. We have analysed this for Vegas Crest Casino and have determined that this happens about 0.001% (or 1 in every thousand) of all the games played.

  3. Internet Routing Issues - Sometimes there is network congestion on the Internet that prevents or inhibits network traffic from arriving at its destination. You may have experienced this while surfing the net on your browser after you click on an active link and nothing happens. Sometimes pressing reload will clear this problem.

  4. Socket Errors - Socket errors occur when the situation (1) or (3) occur and indicates a poor or non-functioning Internet connection.

In each case, and in general, we take the "the customer is always right" attitude and credit back player winnings or game credits. At the same time, we are continually researching methods to solve these issues and to deliver an online experience to our players that will guarantee that the money they spend is well invested. We want to ensure that when a player places a bet they have every chance of winning and that the outcome of the bet is NOT affected by the:

  1. Instability of the internet

  2. Speed of one player's internet connection over the other player or

  3. Physical location on the globe