Animal Kingdom

Spin your way to $/€500 cash!

Spin the reels and discover the beauty of the Animal Kingdom for yourself when you play our selected tournament slots between Monday and Thursday in May, and you could be rewarded with the weekly top prize of $/€500 in Cash.

We’ve selected some of our players’ favorite animal-themed slots to play. Simply spin the reels on the chosen slots between 12:01am EDT on Monday and 11:59pm EDT on Thursday to be one of 20 lucky winners every week. At the end of the tournament, we will total up all of your winnings from playing our tournament slots and the 20 players with the highest total winnings will rank on our Tournament leader board. The top three prizes are Cash, with the remaining prizes awarded as Slot Bonuses.


Join in our Animal Kingdom Slots Tournament and spin the reels to climb your way up the tournament leaderboard to win one of 20 fantastic prizes every week.


Our exciting Slots Tournament plays every week in May between12:01am EDT on Monday and 11:59pm EDT on Thursday. Four days filled with Hot Slot action.


Play our selected animal-themed slots and at the end of the tournament the top 20 players with the highest total winning will win a prize of up to $/€500 in Cash.

Ranking Prizes Balance
1st $/€ 500.00 Cash
2nd $/€ 250.00 Cash
3rd $/€ 75.00 Cash
4th $/€ 30.00 Slot Bonus
5th $/€ 20.00 Slot Bonus
6th - 10th $/€ 15.00 Slots Bonus
11th - 20th $/€ 10.00 Slots Bonus
Ranking Username Total winnings Prize
1st a44sticky@CB 20,634.05 $/€500.00 cash
2nd figtree@CB 10,494.00 $/€250.00 cash
3rd maggies@VC 7,483.60 $/€75.00 cash
4th bingodott@CB 6,912.88 $/€30.00 bonus
5th TFlem8@VC 5,829.55 $/€20.00 bonus
6th jaclyn1015@VC 5,787.84 $/€15.00 bonus
7th kelli@CB 5,569.10 $/€15.00 bonus
8th Jaide@VC 5,454.75 $/€15.00 bonus
9th sfgiantswilson@VC 3,874.40 $/€15.00 bonus
10th linmossow30@CB 3,684.93 $/€15.00 bonus
11th tag35196224@CB 3,306.25 $/€10.00 bonus
12th island8@CB 2,264.91 $/€10.00 bonus
13th mcd6804@VC 2,180.75 $/€10.00 bonus
14th jial2020@VC 2,006.60 $/€10.00 bonus
15th ranna72560@CB 1,773.62 $/€10.00 bonus
16th gxrgirl@VC 1,740.60 $/€10.00 bonus
17th apollo79@VC 1,633.35 $/€10.00 bonus
18th blaz814@VC 1,472.00 $/€10.00 bonus
19th linmossow30@VC 1,316.15 $/€10.00 bonus
20th Jaide@CB 1,266.48 $/€10.00 bonus

Terms & Conditions

• The tournament will play between 12:01am EDT (UTC-4) on Monday and 11:59pm EDT (UTC-4) on Thursday each week between May 1st and May 25th, 2023.

• Only wins on the selected slots shown on this page will count towards winning the tournament.

• The tournament is based on total winnings within the weekly tournament times.

• Cash and Bonus prizes will be credited to players' accounts manually every Friday.

• In the case of a tie, the higher prize will be awarded to the player who achieved the specified ranking first.

• 1st to 3rd prizes will be paid in Cash with all other prizes paid in slots bonus with a WR of x40.

Website General Terms & Conditions Apply.